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October 21, 2018
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Prepping for New York Winter

As we approach the one year mark on the farm, it’s important to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned and the challenges we had to overcome throughout the past year. I’m not gonna lie, living in the country is hard. It takes practice and patience, but the rewards can be outstanding. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind as Winter approaches.

  1. Harvest that firewood, and then use it – It’s really important to continue to harvest wood throughout the year, and then in Fall to get it under cover. Get your chainsaw out, go find some dead trees, and haul the logs back to your staging area. Then, get a 12 pack and a few friends for a wood harvest party! Alternatively, you could order firewood and have it delivered, but where’s the fun in that?
  2. Cut the grass one last time – Leave it longer than usual, as the grass will go dormant until the Spring. Edge well to keep everything nice and tidy and then fertilize and over seed in the early Spring.
  3. Prevent freezes – Water can’t freeze when moving, so keep a small trickle of water running in below freezing temps. Install insulation and heat lamps where appropriate.
  4. Clean gutters – If you don’t have those fancy pants gutter guards, you’ll want to get out the ladder and clean out your gutters. Make sure everything is clear so ice doesn’t build up during the coldest months. Divert water away from your house on the ground by installing gutter extenders as needed.
  5. Bring in outdoor furniture – It’s worth it if you have the room. Rust and wear will occur most in the cold months, and bringing everything inside will extend the life of your furniture. You can also tarp it but check often for ice/snow build up and holes.
  6. Plan your snow removal – Whether you have a snowblower, plow, or hire someone to plow for you, you’ll want to gear up to be ready for those big storms. Hit your plow or snowblower with a Teflon non-stick spray for max performance. Call your plow man and make sure you’re on the schedule and have worked out a deal. If you have a shovel I don’t have much advice, except to ice your broke ass back after.
  7. Get your chimney swept – You need to be careful if you burn wood. Make sure all of your fire alarms are in working order and call a chimney sweep for a visit. You should have it cleaned and inspected every year to prevent build up and leaks. Then enjoy all those indoor cozy campfires!
  8. Tune up the heating system – Order a full tank of heating oil or gas and call someone to tune up your system every two years if you don’t know how to yourself. Make sure you replace your air filter as well if you have forced air.
  9. Get the windows ready – Remove window A/C units and close down the storm window panes. You can also put up window film to keep the heat in, though I’m not sure the effort is worth it.
  10. Reverse your ceiling fans – You want to create an updraft in the Winter so the hot air travels down to your couch or bed, so reverse your ceiling fan’s motor to move in a clockwise direction at low speed.

What else are you doing to prep for the Winter? Leave a comment and let us know!

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